About Mackay Precast Concrete

MacKay Precast Products produces our own concrete mixture in project specific batches to achieve consistent product composition every time. Our attention to this detail is what ensures your final concrete products are a better quality that is set apart from what you get with other precast companies. Whether you choose a garbage can or a picnic table, you can be assured that the same high standards are maintained in everything we produce.

Western Red Cedar

MacKay Precast Products sources and supplies very high quality Western Red Cedar planks which are locally harvested, processed and milled on Vancouver Island. All cedar planks used to make our Picnic Tables and Benches are kiln dried, have rounded, bevelled edges and are hand sanded prior to receiving 3 coats of Sikkens Cetol finishing sealer.

Our dedication to using local products by local producers ensures high quality and long lasting, beautiful cedar planks to be used and enjoyed for many years to come.


Picnic Tables for Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

McDonald Park – Sidney B.C.

MacKay Precast Products delivered and assembled 16 concrete picnic tables to the MacDonald campground in Spring 2010 after being awarded the contract by Parks Canada. The much used and enjoyed camping area was in need of an upgrade and MacKay Precasts’ picnic tables were chosen to fulfill that need. MacKay’s returned in Spring 2011 with an additional 25 tables for this popular camping area.

The idyllic setting among the forest of Douglas Fir and Cedar trees are a beautiful backdrop for the concrete and cedar picnic tables. The durability of the exposed aggregate table legs, smooth natural grey concrete table tops, and Western Red Cedar seats make these tables a good fit for a Federal Park and Campground in use 365 days a year.


Commemorating Lewis & Clark 200th Anniversary

MacKay Precast Products were commissioned by Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. to produce a mammoth map for the U.S. Military at Fort Lewis Washington.

September 23, 2006 was the unveiling of a 24 x 35 foot concrete map weighing 19,800 lbs. (10.6 m x 7.3m, 9000 kg) at the US Military Base of Fort Lewis, near Everett WA. The map commemorates the bi-centennial of the historic 4163 mile (6700 kms) trekked journey of Lewis and Clark. This extraordinary project was accomplished by the Canadian firm of Ken MacKay & Son Concrete Forming Ltd. known as MacKay Precast Products. Dwight MacKay, the driving force behind this monumental effort, took on the project after all of the American concrete businesses contacted, turned it down due to the tight deadline. He had just three months to create the molds, manufacture, deliver and install the finished product. “It’s a very tight schedule with no room for error but we can do it” said MacKay. “There were very few businesses who wanted to take on the project with the short schedule; Dwight stepped up to the plate” said the Project Superintendent.

The concrete ‘puzzle’ is 37 intricate, individual pieces, textured and coloured with 9 different integral base colours to provide the intense and varied colourings required by the designer. The rivers and trail were recessed into the various concrete pieces and filled with coloured grout after installation. Individual brass letters were also embedded in the concrete to note the names of the territories, counties, forts, water ways and the historic 1806 trail.

The map is currently being used as an educational tool for thousands of local school children as well as the general public who visit the base.


  • Precast Concrete IS Green

    Concrete is a durable material that leaves the smallest environmental footprint.  Produced from local resource material the long lifespan of precast concrete makes it the most responsible choice for a sustainable future.

    Many industrial wastes and by-products that would end up in landfills are used as aggregates in new concrete.

    Concrete outperforms wood in construction applications and doesn’t require constant repair, maintenance or replacement costs.

    Durable and versatile, concrete is cost effective and sustainable for commercial, municipal and residential needs.

  • What is the difference between Cement and Concrete?

    Although the terms cement and concrete often are used interchangeably, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete.

    Concrete is a 5 part mixture of sand, gravel, Portland cement, water and air.  Cement makes up 10 to 15% of the concrete mixture.  Through a process called hydration (setting up) the cement and water harden and bind the aggregates together into a rocklike form.  This hardening process continues for years, so concrete gets harder as it ages.

    Portland cement is not a brand name, but the generic term for the type of cement used in virtually all concrete, the same way stainless is a type of steel and sterling is a type of silver.

    So in fact, there is no such thing as a cement sidewalk, or a cement mixer; the proper terms are concrete sidewalk and concrete mixer.


  • The Esthetics of Precast Concrete

    We work hard to please our customers and are proud to offer attractive product finishes such as exposed aggregate, integrally coloured concrete, wood-grain textured concrete and more.

    Whatever your theme, MacKay’s can provide products that not only ‘fit in’ but will enhance your outdoor area with style.

  • Precast Concrete is Vandalism Resistant

    With the ever increasing rise in vandalism and the costs incurred because of it, more and more of our customers are realizing the need to ‘harden’ their outdoor site furnishings in public areas.

    The high weight ratio and long lasting nature of our concrete products help, in part, to solve this issue.

    An anti-graffiti sealer can also be applied to product surfaces for an extra deterrent.

  • The Cost Effectiveness of Precast Concrete

    MacKay Precast Products are made from sturdy, solid, reinforced concrete.  This makes our products extremely durable with less likelihood of damage or environmental decay, therefore virtually no continual costs in repairs or replacement of your chosen product.  Precast concrete continues to look attractive, while maintaining original function, year after year.


MacKay Precast Products manufactures wide variety of quality precast products such as: concrete BENCHES, concrete PICNIC TABLES, concrete PLANTERS, concrete LITTER CONTAINERS, concrete ASHTRAYS, concrete OUTHOUSES, and much more.

We ship our products throughout Canada and the United States (U.S.A.). We are proud to work closely with provincial & state agencies, cities, parks, hospitals, schools, golf courses, malls, contractors and corporations to provide quality, reliable and cost effective concrete solutions to their projects.

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