Precast Concrete

Patio Stones

MacKay’s make all the concrete patio stones available in our retail yard at 4101 Jinglepot Rd. East Nanaimo. There are 12 different sizes to choose from and almost as many surface design patterns.

Our latest pattern is the Random Stone Set which is 7 different shapes & sizes in a simulated rock surface design used in rambling pathway and walkways.

This “set” can also be used along a pond edge to hide the liner or set into the lawn to clean up the path worn way to the tool shed.

  • 8″x16″ – Camden Brick pattern
  • 9″x18″ – Cobblestone, Yorkshire Slate patterns
  • 16″x16″ – Camden Brick & Diamond patterns
  • 18″x18″ – Old Slate, New Slate, Yorkshire Slate, New Brick, Cobblestone, Washed Stone patterns
  • 18″x27″ – Yorkshire Slate pattern
  • 20″x20″ – Diamond pattern
  • 12″x24″ – Old Slate & Diamond patterns
  • 24″x24″ – Old Slate & Diamond patterns
  • 24″x30″ – Diamond pattern
  • 90 degree – Pie shape corner – Cobblestone pattern
  • 12″x24″ – Bigfoot
  • Trailer Pads – 18″x18″x4″ thick  OR 24″x24″x2″ reinforced
  • Random Stone – 7 piece set – 7 different shapes & sizes with approx. 10 sq. ft. coverage
  • Country Stone – Small, Medium, Large pieces x 2″ thick – individual shapes resemble rock slabs


Our concrete Cobblestone patio stones can be packed out to create various patterns. Below are some layout suggestions for patios, paths and planters.


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We ship our products throughout Canada and the United States (U.S.A.). We are proud to work closely with provincial & state agencies, cities, parks, hospitals, schools, golf courses, malls, contractors and corporations to provide quality, reliable and cost effective concrete solutions to their projects.

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