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Precast Concrete PLANTERS - Price Page

MacKay Precast Products manufactures many shapes and sizes of Concrete Landscape Planters to enhance your business or residential property. Designed and made with solidly, reinforced concrete for long-lasting durability and beauty.

Place one individually as an accent or traffic barrier, or group a few together to beautify a large area.  Especially designed to enhance the aesthetics of streetscapes, recreation, and commercial facilities in mind, MacKay Precast concrete planters can also decorate your outdoor home patio border.

We work hard to please our customers and are proud to offer product finishes such as natural grey, exposed aggregate, integrally coloured concrete, or sandblasted concrete.  Choose from a large variety of Square, Rectangle, Round, Bowl, Hexagon, and even a planter with surround seating!

Corporate Logos, Insignias, Emblems -- Memorial and Dedication Plaques

As with all of our precast concrete outdoor products, memorial and dedication plaques can be imbedded into our concrete landscape planters to commemorate events or recognize special people.  As well, a corporate logo, municipal insignia or service club emblem can be incorporated into any flat-sided item to enhance your purchase with your brand depiction.

MacKay Precast Products have been providing families, businesses and community groups with these durable, economical and attractive outdoor furnishings for numerous years.

Choose a plaque in Bronze or of Black Granite with Laser Etching.
All plaques are imbedded flush into the concrete or into the Western Red Cedar plank surface.

The most popular choice of plaque size is 4” x 7”.  For planters, a variety of plaque sizes are available.

Please Contact us to discuss plaque or emblem layout, sizes and pricing.

Solid Bronze or Black Granite   Imbedded or Relief
             C:\Users\Office\Pictures\Planters\Exp. Agg. with Logo inset 001.jpg C:\Users\Office\Pictures\Planters\Small barrier planter with logo.jpg

Please Contact us to discuss plaque or emblem layout, sizes and pricing.

View a variety of our planter styles already in use “Planter Photo Gallery

MacKay Precast Products manufactures wide variety of quality precast products such as: concrete BENCHES, concrete PICNIC TABLES, concrete PLANTERS, concrete LITTER CONTAINERS, concrete ASHTRAYS, concrete OUTHOUSES, and much more.

We ship our products throughout Canada and the United States (U.S.A.). We are proud to work closely with provincial & state agencies, cities, parks, hospitals, schools, golf courses, malls, contractors and corporations to provide quality, reliable and cost effective concrete solutions to their projects.

For more details on the complete line of MacKay Precast Concrete Products, please visit our Pricing or Products pages.

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